Daily Chuck Norris Post

Hey guys, JD13 here,

After not that much thought and concentration, I have decided to do a daily Chuck Norris Fact. This will be similar to LOLcats posts. Here will be the first one, my all-time favorite:

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he already had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris.


Hey guys, JD here,

In this day and age, the public needs to be aware of who they are. True, but thats not really the point of this post. This could be who we could be. This is Murica, the stereotypical America.murican

This, my young Padawans, is a proud Murican man. Even better, the patron hero of our noble country: Cpt. Murica!cptmurica

I love our country.

For Murica!




JDJC13 brings you their second summer post!

Hey guys, JDJC her and this is our post on how to make a functional lemonade stand.



Lemonade mix or sugar, water, and lemon juice

Poster and coloring utensils

Bright umbrella



Jug and/or Cooler


Money holder of some sort.

Lawn or beach chairs

Optional tablecloth

What to do:

1. Find a street. To be successful, it has to be a highly traveled road or an intersection.

2. Make your lemonade. With a mix, just add water and dump into a jug, preferably 5 gallons or along those lines. With scratch, add lemon juice to water and sweeten with sugar to perfection. Ice is a necessity.

3. Pitch your umbrella. Make it visible so it draws attention.

4. Place your table in the shadow of your umbrella.

5. Put on tablecloth and lemonade jug with cups.

6. Set up your chairs and put up signs that advertise your location and product, as well as the product price.

7. Make sure you have your change and money container.

8. Sit back and help your customers to a cold, refreshing drink.

I hope this how to helped you make some money. Tell us how much you made and what was a success and a fail in the comments.