Hey guy JDJC here with our first summer blog post!!!

We haven’t posted for a super long time and JD decided to break out the keyboard! Comment and tell us what you’re doing this summer. Any family reunions, vacations, trips, anything, or if you’re just chilling in your backyard. Making a lemonade stand is a fantastic idea for any of the kids out there. Heres some easy to follow tips on how to make lemonade.

Have a great summer!

Best wishes,



New YouTube Vids (Please Leave a Like!)

Hey guys, JD here,

Please leave a like on this post so I can make a new video! If I get ten like on this post I will post another video, or you can just go to my YouTube channel (Jefferson Daynes) and watch it now. Please, I love making videos and share it with you guys so please hit that button! Don”t forget to like, follow, or comment!


New Blog

Hey guys, JD here.

So today I made a new blog account concerning my religion, Mormonism. I will be adding a link but the address is I do not believe that JC will be helping out with this as he is not Mormon. This could be a big deal for some of you who are struggling with religious problems right now. Please comment but only if you have something that won’t offend others.

As always, JD13


tubeHey  guys, JD here. As you can see, I have uploaded some of my own vids from YouTube. This means that I obviously have a YouTube account. Right now I only have 2 videos, with 0 subscribers and only 15 views, but I know we can boost those numbers up. My video making skills are still blooming, and I have just recently figured out Windows Movie Maker so the quality will be getting better. I know I’m not going to be a YouTube star, but we can get up there. My YouTube channel is Jefferson Daynes.

As always,I am JD13